Hi! My name is Taylor Pulsipher and I've been working freelance as a graphic designer since 2015 and have been the sole in-house designer for the Vancouver, WA tourism bureau since 2016. Outside of my professional design work I love creating my own personal, experimental work to help develop new skills and different ways of visually communicating ideas. This last year I taught myself to illustrate and found a deep love for digital art and illustration. Outside of the digital realm I have a variety of hobbies and interests that range from pinning and spreading beetle and butterfly specimen to gardening and plant cultivation. When I’m not creating I enjoy getting out in nature, spending time with my cat and ball python, and practicing the ancient arts of yoga and karaoke. 
I believe good design, like life, should be exuberant, meaningful, and unique.
It should have depth, purpose, and a positive impact upon those that encounter it. I approach both with a heap of curiosity, exploration, and playfulness. Each design is a journey; I seek alternate routes, new directions, and different points of view until I find the best solution for each situation. My background of visual arts, psychology, visual communication design, and art history leads to a unique aesthetic and perspective. I believe in going beyond the surface and finding purpose and meaning in order to identify and expand upon the unique qualities of that which it represents. These ideals, along with a deep love and unbridled passion, guide my designs as well as my life.
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